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Gemfling Authorized Retailer Program page
Authorized Retailer Program For Diamonds or Jewelry

Gemfling does not sell product, but participating vendors can use Gemfling to showcase product to consumers. The "Authorized Retailer" program allows suppliers to showcase any individual diamond or jewelry item with an included "authorized retailer" shown within the listing itself. (See below.) The authorized retailer is the nearest retailer to that consumer (geographically) based on a list of retailers provided by the owner of the item.
a) Suppliers now have a way to drive consumers directly to stores that carry their product. This helps sell the product, and also helps build loyalty with retailers. Put another way, suppliers of non-branded diamonds and jewelry right now are competing with each other primarily on price. But what the retailers care about even more than price is acquiring customers. This program lets suppliers help drive customers to preferred retailers.

b) Companies which are retailers, or have retail stores in addition to their wholesale business, can showcase product to consumers, and then show themselves as the authorized retailer. This helps in both acquiring customers, and in selling product.

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