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Daily Diamond Report

Verichannel, LLC builds and operates jewelry search engines, helping jewelry companies distribute products through different online platforms. Through Verichannel, jewelry companies can find and be found online by the trade and the consumer alike. Services include:

Daily Diamond Report™: A business-to-business website which is used by jewelry industry professionals for buying and selling diamonds and jewelry. This password protected trade-only site is free to all verified jewelry professionals. Features of the site include:

Diamond Search:

  • Fresh Diamonds (LabDirect™), uploaded directly from the world's leading gemological laboratories (AGS, GIA, HRD, and IGI), within minutes of being graded, and not yet appearing anywhere else on the Internet.

  • Priced Diamonds (Supplier-Listed), an open-access database that trade professionals may use to source diamonds from the largest diamond companies in the world: DTC Sightholders and other suppliers. Diamonds featured to the Consumer on Gemfling' Diamond Search are exhibited from this database.
Diamatch™: Allows a user to specify the attributes of the stones they're seeking, and Verichannel will routinely scan the Daily Diamond Report diamond databases and email whenever matching stones are found.

Jewelry Showcases: Provides all Daily Diamond Report users the opportunity to upload their finished product into individual "showcases". Jewelry is displayed through the Company and User Profile to the trade on Daily Diamond Report and to the consumer, through

Daily Diamond Report-Email: A daily newsletter that showcases diamonds freshly-graded from the primary grading laboratories around the world. Click here to receive this report.

Gemfling: A consumer-facing niche website for retailers and suppliers to market to the consumer. Gemfling helps the consumer find jewelry websites, businesses and products. Gemfling helps retailers promote their stores and suppliers support their retailers while featuring their products direct to the consumer.

Premium Placement on Gemfling: A designation attained by becoming a "Featured Jeweler" (additional fee) on Daily Diamond Report which will allow for preferred placement on the Local Store Website search for a zip code on Gemfling, the consumer-facing site.

Verichannel Private: A private discussion group for the trade, found on Facebook under "Verichannel Private". With over 670+ invite-only industry professionals participating, this group provides a safe and secure way to conduct and discuss business. Want to participate? Click here.

Worldmart*E Diamond Feed: A joint service of Verichannel and Worldmart*E, in Panyu, China, which provides a real-time feed of diamonds from the world's largest diamond suppliers, to the China business-to-business market.

FMX: A private service built and operated under contract with Forevermark, US, Inc., a De Beers Group company. FMX is a trading platform for Forevermark diamonds and diamond jewelry.

Verichannel , LLC also operates trading platforms/diamond feeds for American Gem Society, Independent Jewelers Organization, and SmartAge Solutions.

For additional information on Verichannel, LLC and its services please contact us directly.

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