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How to use Gemfling?

Like any specialty search engine (think: Expedia or Yelp), Gemfling is based on industry-specific filters. Yelp, for example, serves up restaurant filters such as Pizza, Chinese, Vegan, Seafood, etc. Gemfling serves up filters such as Local Stores, Online Stores, Brands, Luxury Retail, Estate, and so forth.

Within each of these "channels" as we call them, more specialty filters guide you further—and educate you. For example, local stores vary tremendously in terms of types of product, expertise of staff, gemological knowledge, commitment to specific ethical principles, brands carried, social-responsibility pledges, etc.

The trade association filters teach you what each membership organization means, and then lets you filter results accordingly.

Each "channel" includes its own set of filters—unique to that channel. And each filter includes a mouse-over link that not only explains what that filter means, but—more importantly—explains why it may be important to you, the consumer. No other website does this.

Gemfling also lets you search one of the largest business-to-business diamond databases in the world, with over 100,000 diamonds updated minute to minute from diamond centers globally: New York, Antwerp, Tel Aviv, Mumbai and Hong Kong. When you find a diamond you're interested in, Gemfling recommends a local store where you can obtain it. Or, you can choose your own store—again—using filters.